Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Outdoor Cooking

Ok - I did not want to go out with the ice storm and snow today so I decided to use a photo from camping over Labor Day.  This is a 15 lb Turkey that we hang upside down over an open fire.  It takes 5 - 6 hours and it has a slight smokey taste.  We usually do this on Labor Day or Columbus Day when it is a little bit cooler and everyone loves to sit around the fire.

We always have lots of people saying "I'm joining you for supper!"


  1. Is that ALL for you, what do the others get to eat? Your the only one in shot thank heavens for those timers eh!

  2. I'm learning so much during this challenge! Cute photo and who knew about cooking a turkey that way?

  3. I second the thought about learning. I never saw a turkey cooked that way.

  4. Ok Ron - How can that be me in the picture if I took it! We usually end up serving 8 - 10 people and still have Turkey to take home or have sandwiches. The thing that is neat is it is so moist -- you would not think it would be with all the juices dropping into the fire but it is. I wish I could do Thanksgiving that way but it's never warm enough outside at that time.


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