Monday, January 19, 2009

Feline Friends (January 18)

Animal Kingdom has a wonderful safari ride and this is just one of the beautiful sites that you are able to view and take pictures of.  One of the biggest challenges is that the vehicle you are riding in never stops and the bumps and turns they take are very unnerving if you have on a telephoto lens.  The driver on the safari ride said this was an unusual site to see both the male and female resting so close together.    After I took this shot the female wandered off into the back and the group behind us never got to see her.


  1. Sheila, you can actually get shots like this where you live? AMAZING! I have always wanted to go on a safari ride. As unlikely as this trip will be for me, I'm glad that I can see the sights through your camera lens. BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Wonderful shot! I love the big cats (and the little ones, of course). I've never been anywhere that I could photograph one. (It's on my wishlist for 2009.)


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