Friday, January 16, 2009

Footwear (January 9th)

This was a display in the French Perfume store in Disney.  I could not decide if I wanted to use it for the pampered theme or footwear.  But after much deliberation it came around to footwear!  Everywhere I turned in Disney there was an stunning display that dazzled the eyes.  The thing that was probably most amazing was that it was not all for children!


  1. I thought shoes were made now to show me that they grow on a tree, keep it quiet will you sally will want plant a forest of them, great treatment of the theme.

  2. What a gorgeous display! Disneyworld certainly paid off in themes for you!

  3. such an attractive display...neat capture for the theme! looks and sounds like you had a fabulous vacation!

  4. Wow, an actual shoe tree! I didn't know they grew here in the States! (Sorry, my cold medicine . . .)


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