Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This is a sculpture at the Tower Hill Botanical Gardens.
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Autumn #15

This is a stable taken over Columbus Day Weekend. I did not add the blur to the background that is fog that covered the mountain behind the farm.

Fall in New England is a beautiful time of the year.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Past It's Prime #27

I would say that this one has long been Past It's Prime! This is sitting on the shore in Booth Bay Harbor in Maine.
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The Good Old Days #321

This is what is left of Ambajejus Camps up in the back woods of Maine!

We do a lot of canoeing and we came across this cabin from times gone by. Just look at the age of the motor leaning against the wall of the cabin.
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Turkey #340

When we camp over Columbus Day weekend and it's rather cold and damp - we usually cook a Turkey over the open fire pit. It always comes out moist and has a smoky flavor!

A 15 pound turkey usually takes about 5 hours - it gives you plenty of time to sit by the fire and read or just chat with friends.
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Water's Edge #356

We were out on the lake today in our canoe and found this lovely old snapping turtle - on the Water's Edge. I tried to get closer but we could not get in around him very well.
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March to a Different Drummer #180

As you can see from this picture - there are enough drummers for everyone to march!

This was taken at the NH Highland Games held in Lincoln/Woodstock, NH.
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Hands #139

I took this at a wedding party this past weekend. The only thing I did to it was add a Vignette so the focus was more on the hands.

Handfasting was traditionally a very simple ceremony – the bride and groom faced each other and joined right hand to right hand and left hand to left hand and were bound by a ceremonial wrap or rope. In Scotland the cloth was usually a piece of the groom’s family tartan.

The expression of “tying the knot” came from this early Celtic marriage ritual. Later Irish, Scots, and the Welsh also adopted this ritual. Handfasting is thought to be Pagan in origin but the symbolism surrounding this ritual was so expressive it found its way into some factions of Catholicism practiced in Britain after the rise of Christianity.

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Kids These Days #163

This shot was taken at the NH Highland Games and it totally amazes me what kids will attempt to do these days. This young man's dad is one of the drummers in the Mohawk Valley Frasers Pipe Band. He was doing quite well.

I know the quality of the picture isn't the best but I took this thru a whole in a chain link fence.
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What's Inside? #358

Standing stones or Chambered Cairns in Carsluith Scotland.

Cairn Holy Chambered Cairns, an ancient place of worship and burial dating back to before 4000BC.

Cairn Holy II is said to be the tomb of the mythical King Galdus.

Even today small rituals are carried out on the site with people leaving flowers and candles. The area is encircled by hills to the west, north and east but open to the sea in the south, with views across Wigtown Bay to the Machars and the Isle of Man on the horizon.

It’s a beautiful spot to just sit and look and feel the peace and tranquillity.
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Canine Companions #41

This was taken in Seattle Washington while we were visiting with our friend Jack. These are his kids - Denver, Trio and Reilly.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Barren #21 -- But Beautiful

This is an extremely barren landscape but also one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. This is the Painted Dessert National Park in Arizona.
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Rest in Peace #260

These are the gravestones at the National Cemetary at the battlefield site of the Little Big Horn. It's not quite as impressive as Arlington but it was quite moving.
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Fence - #98

This picture was taken Columbus Day Weekend in VT. It is the Winchester Stables in New Fane. What a georgous weekend we had. If you look close at the trees in the background you can see that most of the valley was fogged in.
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Bodies of Water - #29

This is Lake Quinsigamond in Shrewsbury, MA.
This is my back yard. The reason it is so long was I was testing out PS4 photomerge process and I totally loved it. This was from 6 individual photos.
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Tie the Knot - #328

This is an old Scottish Custom used during Wedding Ceremonies.
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello All

Hi -

I'm afraid that with all the traveling we are doing I will be unable to keep up both this site and the site that I have set-up for travel. Hopefully I'll be able to get back on-line with all of you when we return in September.

Hope you all have a great summer and have a great time with your pictures. I will be doing the same.


Friday, April 17, 2009


Just before we left for our trip -- we got a chance to celebrate Uncle Roger's 100th Birthday! This is my husband's uncle and he is amazing -- we love listening to his stories and tall tales! As you can see from the picture of him alone - he's giving me the "eye" because I'm taking his picture!


Hello everyone -

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. We are finally on the road for our cross country trip. We are on the Missouri / Illinois border and have visited with friends and relatives in a couple of different places. I have to say that the traveling across Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio were pretty bleak. It was only when we arrived in Dayton that we found there were trees in bloom! I have not done a lot of picture taking as it has been either raining or we were driving and there has been nothing that has jumped out at me.

Yesterday we went to the Wright-Patterson Air Museum and I will post the next couple of pictures from there. If you ever have the chance to go -- it was unbelieveable -- we spent from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and never saw it all.

I will try to keep up with my postings but WiFi is sketchy. This is the first night the campground has had it. I will be looking for a place to buy an aircard soon. This is very frustrating not being able to log on.


Sunday, March 22, 2009


It was a beautiful sunset with lots of lovely clouds this afternoon.

I tried to take one with my my new star filter but it didn't come out as I'd liked.  I've included it here for your viewing.


Ok - I admit it I got a new filter today!  A 8 star filter and I had to play -- this is my "MacDougall Plaid Clock" and a treasured candle holder of my husband's.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Out To Lunch

I guess you could say we had lunch guests. They were just eating up a storm.  I could not tell what they were eating but they sure were dunking a lot!

I like the reflection in the second picture.

I just love watching them.

Hope you enjoyed my Swan Show.

The Landing Zone

Is this Love? Posting for March 8th

What do you think?

Is this love?

Look Alikes - Posting for March 7th

This was taken in my front yard (the lake).  The ice has gone out and we have had many visitors lately.

I was going to crop this but felt it would take away from the colors around the swans.

This is the first in a series of swan pictures.

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