Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's Inside? #358

Standing stones or Chambered Cairns in Carsluith Scotland.

Cairn Holy Chambered Cairns, an ancient place of worship and burial dating back to before 4000BC.

Cairn Holy II is said to be the tomb of the mythical King Galdus.

Even today small rituals are carried out on the site with people leaving flowers and candles. The area is encircled by hills to the west, north and east but open to the sea in the south, with views across Wigtown Bay to the Machars and the Isle of Man on the horizon.

It’s a beautiful spot to just sit and look and feel the peace and tranquillity.
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  1. Great shot and Narrative to enhance it - Well Done.

  2. This picure conveys all the mysticism and mystery of standing stones.

  3. It looks like a magical spot, just beautiful!


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