Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rural - posting for January 16th

Another of our travels around our area.  This is a very rural area in Princeton, MA.  I found this barn could be represented by a few of our Themes but the Rural I think fits it best.  I love how they built the buildings up the side of the hill leaving the flat land for pasture and farming.


  1. It's a beautiful shot! I love rustic old barns like this. Wonderful!

  2. Wonderful serene photo - nice colorplay between the red, grey and white snow.

  3. This has lovely tones and a strong composition with the three buildings. Very, very nice...

  4. Look at the snow! Great picture with the slope of the hill and the barns. I think the house is across the street? We used to live near here in the 1990s. Princeton is a beautiful town. We had 3.5 acres.

    Have you driven out to Barre from there? Then you can drive west out to Amherst and Northampton. Lots of photo ops out that way!

  5. I love the color and tones in this photograph. The red stands out so brightly against the weathered parts of the barn. I love this photo.


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